Mark Zuckerberg gets teabagged

A surprising ad campaign is airing on British TV at the moment. Here’s a piece of unsolicited investment advice: if anyone out there owns Facebook stock, this has to count as a pretty clear sell signal.

Tetley Tea is an iconic brand in the UK, and they do plenty of customer research to make sure things stay that way. They’re not attempting to target some self-conscious niche here. Tetley is bang in the middle of the mass market, stacked high on the shelves of every supermarket in the country. While the focus in this ad is on single women, overall their marketing is aimed at the general public in the most general sense.

And the message here is that Facebook is impersonal, intrusive and creepy. It is infested with terrible people you want to avoid; Facebook friends are nothing of the kind; and if you want to keep in touch with your actual friends you’re better off using email.

It’s something the cool kids have been telling each other for a while, of course (minus the email part). Let’s see if this is the first sign that a more widespread conventional wisdom is starting to congeal.


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